Saturday, 22 May 2010

It's a girl!

A church friend gave birth to a gorgeous little girl on Thursday evening! She is so precious, just cuddling her made me broody for another! I took along this nappy cake when I went to visit her at the hospital yesterday:

I decided to make a smaller one as there will be a baby shower for her next month and I will most likely want to make a more impressive one for that event.

The ingredients for this cake included:

22 newborn Merries nappies
1 plush bunny rattle
1 shortie embroidered romper
1 matching bib
2 pink trimmed gauze burp cloths
1 Avon Care Deeply Herb hand cream
1 Maxim Strawberry Latte
1 Nescafe Chocolatte

This type/size of cake would retail at approximately 4,000 yen (plus postage).