Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Welcome to Cakes-a-goo-goo!

Looking for an unusual and impressive gift for a new mum? Need a centerpiece for a baby shower? Each of my cakes are unique and put together with great care. Unlike other nappy cakes I have seen on sale here in Japan, my cakes are packed with surprises for both mum and baby! Here's an example of what you might find in yours:

I only use high quality 'ingredients' in my cakes, after all a precious little newborn deserves only the very best! I use either Pampers or Merries disposable nappies, and a three-tier cake contains approximately 30 nappies. All items used are brand new, and where ever possible I leave the labels attached. Every 'ingredient' in the cake can be used (even the base is a handy tray).

I am very happy to create cakes to a theme (given ample notice) or to suit any particular needs or budget, and I can make smaller or larger cakes than the ones shown here. All cakes are wrapped in clear cellophane plastic and tied with a ribbon before sending, and can be delivered throughout Japan, or overseas.

Prices will vary according to what ingredients are used, but should range between 5,000 yen to 8,000 yen (plus delivery) for a three-tier cake. Please feel free to contact me with your requirements and I will send you a quote!


  1. What a cute and novel idea. Nappy cakes! Your creations are gorgeous. I'm positive they will be a huge hit. I'll put the word out on my blog right now!

  2. Thats a funny and useful cake! I have to admit, only on the second view I recognized the nappies...looked like a perfect frosted cake to me! Sassuga! Will mention you on my blog!

  3. Your cakes look beautiful anchan! Hoping to need your services in the future!

  4. Gorgeous-why didn't you post this like two weeks ago when I was searching for a pressie for Nay!!! I hope I can buy one for someone soon.

  5. Nappies are up on my blog:

  6. Thank you all for your kind words! I am feeling so encouraged! :-) xxx

  7. Ohhh so cute! And calorie free cake to boot, huh? I hope someone I know needs one soon (but just not me....!)

  8. Great idea - love that they have so many goodies in them!! I agree - if only they'd been around sooner! Hopefully some of my Japanese friends will keep popping out sprogs. Would be nice to introduce the idea of a 'babyshower'.
    Good luck.

  9. Realy unusual but very, very pretty and functional cakes!
    Any Mom and her baby would be happy to have them.