Thursday, 19 August 2010

Surf's up!

This cake was specially ordered for a mum-to-be who loves to ride the waves!

Cute, eh?

This cake is packed with goodies for both mum and baby, including all this and more:

The finished item was made up of the following ingredients:

1 tray
52 Merries nappies (newborn)
1 Ikea sippy cup (cute dog!)
1 pair pyjamas (cute ocean theme)
1 Hang Ten romper
Fish rattle/teething toy
2 pairs of scratch mittens
3 blue trimmed burp cloths
1 pair long socks (rather funky!)
Celestial Seasons Honeydew Vanilla Camomile Tea
2 coffee latte (chocolate and strawberry)
1 sachet of Lavender Bath Salts
1 Avon Planet Spa Mediterranean Olive Oil Body Wash
1 Avon Planet Spa Mediterranean Olive Oil Dry Oil Body Spray

A special delivery for an even more special delivery!

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